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  • Mark Berridge

My Warm Table podcast conversation with Sonia Nolan

A Fraction Stronger: overcoming adversity 09-Aug-2022

I feel grateful a post by my friend Raj Kandiah about the My Warm Table Podcast triggered me to explore its episodes. I thought "that concept feels very aligned with my sense of purpose".

Even better, Sonia Nolan agreed, leading to the privilege of this discussion. From the benefits of ambiguity to repeating the small steps that you can and should control, the importance of managing self expectations, the power of gentle interventions and celebrating the path-forming light from the wonderful embers we all have inside us, I really enjoyed this chat. I hope you find some treasure in our conversation that makes a difference for you - now or in the future.

You’ll hear:

Early life in WA (1:10)

The accident (3:00)

Ambiguity (7.30)

Persuasion (10:00)

Rebuilding identity (14:00)

Embers (19:40)

Excerpt from the book (29:00)

Duration: 38 minutes.

Why not listen to more of the excellent My Warm Table podcast here.


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