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  • Mark Berridge

The Adversity Psychologist Podcast

Discussion with Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo 11 January 2023

It was a privilege to be a guest and I am excited to share the episode. Listen in here.

Tara and I discuss:

- Experiencing life changing injury

- Rehabilitation and finding meaning in life again

- Overcoming obstacles - physical and emotional “embracing uncertainty"

- Finding your inner strength. Channeling what we have inside ourselves to cope with adversity.

- Helping and inspiring others through writing and connection

Please have a listen and let us know what you think. Better still, let your friends know. By subscribing, sharing, rating and reviewing episodes you help The Adversity Psychologist Podcast reach more people with its narratives of adversity.


Connect with Tara:

Support Links:

The Adversity Psychologist Podcast sessions do not constitute any kind of formal clinical support. If you require support with your emotional health or are in crisis then please refer to the details below:

Thank you for listening to The Adversity Psychologist Podcast.


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