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  • Mark Berridge

Chief of Staff magazine book review, autumn 2022

A Fraction Stronger by Mark Berridge

In a split second Mark's life came crashing down. His bicycle understeered through a corner, the impact wrenching him over the handlebars and catapulting him headfirst into a stormwater drain. A large piece of dislodged vertebrae compressed his spinal cord, causing devastating nerve damage. The accident fractured Mark's body and his identity, and this is his story.

This is not a story about winning, or a miracle. It's about an everyday person who visualized an exceptional outcome. It's about reframing your demons into sources of motivation and accepting support from the most unlikely places.

It's about fighting for your dream when it starts to fade.

Access the online review here (page 64). Always an honour to be on the same page as the amazing Fleur Heazlewood


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