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  • Mark Berridge

A Fraction Stronger motivates both individuals & groups seeking inspiration & innovative direction.

5 Stars! Best Book - Chanticleer Book Reviews

"Author and businessman Mark Berridge, through the lived experience of himself and others after traumatic injuries, gained a wide understanding of overcoming disaster, and how to rehabilitate not only one’s body but mind and spirit as well. In sharing his wisdom, A Fraction Stronger is a must-read for anyone facing physical, emotional, or mental barriers.

On March 10, 2019, Berridge, due to embark on a work-related flight from his Australian home to the US later that day, went on a bike ride with some buddies. Following the group around a corner, he fell, striking his head; conscious, but unable to move his feet and legs. Hospitals would become his world as he dealt with spinal injuries and the long road to rehabilitation – relearning how to sit, stand, and walk.

He learned more than just how to move again.

From the very moment he regained consciousness, he grappled with the need to be brave, able later to opine that, “When it counts, you can be braver than you ever imagined.” The experience led him to appreciate the presence of helpers and empathizers he calls “angels.” Along with angels, though, there can be demons – voices and influences that dwell on doom and disheartenment. Yet, amongst their darkness shine “lanterns” – small but significant reasons that life is worth living.

Berridge, whose pre-accident, 25-year career was spent in the world of finance, marketing, and business transformation, writes as if born to the realm of wordsmithing.

He combined his harrowing experience with memorable metaphors and encouraging, credible counseling. This book cites a number of courageous people: celebrated sports figures like paralympic swimmer Karni Liddell; a well-known blind m

usician, Dr G Yunupingu; and personal connections like Chi, a Vietnamese immigrant struggling with a rare disease and sharing physiotherapy with the author. From even the merest glimmers of hope, Berridge creates a panorama of possibilities, knowing intimately the discouragement that can sweep over a survivor so easily.

Each chapter concludes with a set of questions for self-study. His guidance for those who face physical barriers could also help those grappling with grief, psychological deficits, financial cataclysm, or any seemingly insurmountable trial that many, perhaps all of his readers will encounter at some point – or finding themselves better placed to support others by knowing this story. A Fraction Stronger motivates both individuals and groups seeking inspiration and innovative direction."

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