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About Mark

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Mark considers himself an ordinary man whose life was upended one ordinary day. He suddenly found himself in a world of pain, fear and uncertainty; hearing the words “spinal cord injury” and wondering – am I strong enough to face this.

Mark found his extraordinary.

Mark drew upon his corporate, sporting, friendship and family experiences. Those many moments of inspiration and encouragement that he had experienced. The periods of self-doubt that he had managed and subdued. He thought how he valued the joy of achievement and the warmth of community. He imagined how others may have tackled their challenges to flourish when it would have been easier to wilt.

He realised that he had been creating extraordinary moments all his life. From leading and coaching high performance teams, to negotiating contracts worth billions of dollars of revenue. From the testing moments and decisions that we all face to get us one day to the next. Mark had accumulated a weave of strands that made up the fabric of who Mark was and who he could be. Mark harnessed these thoughts as he committed himself to his physical and emotional rehabilitation.

By pursuing an extraordinary recovery, Mark built a deeper appreciation of himself and elevated his understanding of what we can all achieve through encouraging and celebrating our courage, humility, gratitude, patience and resilience. Championing these values is the essence of Mark’s story and his continuing journey to be A Fraction Stronger. He coaches others to Realise their Resilience and Bounce Back Stronger.

More than ever, Mark appreciates the importance of embracing our identity. Of accumulating powerful memories that we can call upon. Of seeking and embracing help. Of forming and sustaining strong friendships. Of striving to make a difference to ourselves and those around us.

These concepts drive Mark to do the things that bring him joy. To enjoy art, theatre, and sport. To travel, to engage, to listen, to read, to explore, to create, to write, and to speak.

To smile, laugh, strengthen and love. To live his life to the fullest. To create more extraordinary moments.


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