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  • Mark Berridge

Sydney it was great to be back

I had the most amazing couple of days in Sydney mid-Feb, triggered by a team event for Negotiation Partners. It enabled me to catch up with some author friends, valued work colleagues (current and former) and take some moments to appreciate how beautiful Sydney can be on its best days.

The highlight amongst these highs was meeting Tania.

Tania was hit by a car whilst walking home from work in Jan 2022. The driver never stopped. Tania was rescued and cared for by a kind couple until the ambulance arrived.

Tania had many months in hospital and multiple operations. It was and continues to be a tough situation.

We became connected in April 2022 when Tania commented on one of my Linked In posts. Her friend had found A Fraction Stronger in the local library, giving it to Tania to read during Easter 2022. The book resonated.

Tania has been amazing at setting and striving for incremental goals, as she pursues a long and difficult recovery.

It was inspirational to meet her in person; to hear her drive and determination. Best of all was to see her smile as we shared plans for ways in which we can collectively make a positive impact on others.

Thank you for investing the time Tania, and to all the others that made my Sydney trip special.


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