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  • Mark Berridge

Melissa Ryan MBA, book blogger review of A Fraction Stronger 3 June 2022

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

I was sitting on a plane about to fly back from Hobart to Brisbane when I read Melissa Ryan's incredible review of A Fraction Stronger. My mum had had a heart attack 3 weeks earlier, and I had spent most of those weeks camped in Launceston then Hobart supporting her as she underwent and recovered from Open Heart Surgery (triple bypass).

Perhaps the review arrived at the perfect moment, when I was a bit fragile and exhausted. As I read it, I couldn't have felt more grateful, more proud. I don't think I could have written a better review myself, with the elements that resonated for Melissa being exactly what I hope might engage readers.

Promoting a book isn't easy, and the moments that make you feel the investment of $, sweat and soul might possibly worth it are treasured. Thank you Melissa Ryan.

Original post by Major Street Publishing is here, or via Melissa's linked in here.

Mark Berridge's first book A Fraction Stronger has an effect long after the crispness of its pages falls away from your hands. It's a frank outline of a personal trauma laid bare for the world to see. It is beautiful, moving, celebratory and defining in so many ways. It could be easy to pigeon hole this into a self help/reflection text, yet as you're drawn into Mark's story, it is evident this book is so much more. You feel like a trusted confidant, part of his inner sanctum. As a social Sunday rider with a (not so extensive) accident under my belt, this book sometimes hit very close to home. I think that extends to anyone with experience in an ED and subsequent out patient visits whether physical or not. Drawing inspiration, courage and strength from previously untapped resources. I found Mark's courage inspirational, though I'm sure he didn't realise at the time how valuable his 'desire to ‘give back’ – to help others like me wade through the challenges of dealing with change and trauma' would be to so many reading his words. Underpinning Marks entire journey is reflection and what was so poignant for me was that, in Marks words, '...perhaps a certain reflection will just rest with you – reside in you as an ember, ready to be rekindled in your moment of need.' This moment of need doesn't need to be life changing. It could be life affirming. Yet whatever it is to you, rekindling those embers today can determine your future.

- Melissa Ryan – Head of Trade Engagement & Special Projects at Tabcorp


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