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  • Mark Berridge

Balancing the Grind with Mark Berridge, Author of ‘A Fraction Stronger’ 25 April 2022

Updated: May 4, 2022

I have an expression that developed from talking about my spinal cord injury: “people achieve exceptional things from imperfect positions every day”. I want to share that here as I don’t think there is perfection in work life balance. It requires our ability and willingness to be flexible from moment to moment.

We will seldom, if ever, be perfect at it and we are destined to fail if we pursue perfection or allow ourselves to be trapped by invalid comparisons. We should aim for what works best for us, noting there will be imperfect periods that we learn from, then adapt, to find a fulfilling balance as often as we can over time.

Read the full Balance the Grind interview here.

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