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  • Mark Berridge

A profoundly transcendent book with gentle nudges and drops of wisdom for uncertain times

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Review by Lily Andrews for Reader Views August 2022

A self-help book that offers a potent blend of powerful anecdotes, wisdom, and succor, “A Fraction Stronger: Finding Belief and Possibility in Life’s Impossible Moments” is an eloquent self-help memoir that follows the author’s road to recovery after a tragic bicycle accident. The events of March 10, 2019 changed the trajectory of his life as he was rushed to the hospital by paramedics. This disrupted his sense of identity and a range of emotions set in, loneliness and fear of setbacks, along with guilt that he was being a burden to his family, and doubt over whether he would fully recover.

Mark credits his recovery to his determination to foster and strengthen that vision, to fight for it when it was becoming distant, and his capacity to reframe his discouragement into a source of motivation, helping him persevere towards that vision. Just as the title suggests, he realized he “had to become a fraction stronger, then a fraction stronger again-repeatedly.” He asserts that one won’t get it right every moment every day but one can make it a habit to revert to, to keep you on that pathway to your vision.

The text occasionally shifts attention from Mark’s own story and builds inspiring anecdotes of those who had overcome or persevered through life-threatening situations and who inspired him during his recovery. One story that stands out is that of indigenous Australian musician Dr. G. Yunupingu, who was born on a remote Australian island known as Elcho. Born left-handed and blind, he could only access a right-handed guitar, which he could only play upside down. Nevertheless, this did not deter him from pursuing his music career and becoming part of the Australian band Yothu Yindi and co-founding the Saltwater band.

Mark’s cogent and five-star work is saturated with stirring and apt quotes, excerpts, and poems that amplify the information. Further, his reassuring and guiding tone, along with an easy and approachable language, makes this book easily consumable to the public. The author’s quiet triumphs and roadmap of self-discovery shine with unyielding grace. In the chapters, the author poses contemplative questions that allow readers to pause their reading and reflect on their journeys as well.

Indeed, one man’s success story can be another’s survival story. “A Fraction Stronger: Finding Belief and Possibility in Life’s Impossible Moments” by Mark Berridge is a profoundly transcendent book whose gentle nudges and drops of wisdom will be a great place to start for anyone seeking encouragement and motivation during these uncertain times.


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