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  • Mark Berridge

A Fraction Stronger recognised by Goody Business Book Awards

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

While many book awards highlight authors who are a force for good, what makes the Goody Business Book Awards unique is that they honor 100% social impact books. Each book was selected based on their content – and HOW their book is helping other people.

It is an honour that A Fraction Stronger was selected as a finalist in the Self-help - Inspiration category for the 2022 awards.

The Goody Awards allow you to submit your description of how your book is helping others. I rate that.

How is A Fraction Stronger helping others?

Whilst the book is centred on my lived experience, it also shares the stories that inspired me. I want readers to appreciate that if they suffer, they are not alone – that many “typical” people have faced tough situations and thrived.
A Fraction Stronger harnesses the strength of our memories and sense of identity with practical tips to find hope and belief in our most impossible moments. I enable readers to reflect that they are stronger than they realise whilst providing a conceptual framework for them to grow that emotional strength and secure more rewarding outcomes today and for the rest of their lives.
Feedback confirms that the book is meeting its purpose and helping readers confront difficult circumstances, especially those in or supporting physical trauma.

See A Fraction Stronger on the Goody Book Awards page here.


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