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Image of man, the author and speaker Mark Berridge, standing with left arm stretched up above him

Taking audiences
on a journey they
will remember

Together We Can Bounce Back

Meet Mark

Award winning author, physical trauma navigator, husband, dad, coach & keynote speaker.

Mark's life-changed in an instant after a biking accident left him with severe spinal cord damage. 

In facing this challenge, Mark drew strength from his professional expertise, personal determination and by embracing the support around him.

Mark champions the idea that we are all a fraction stronger than we think, and we can tackle any challenges life throws our way.
And bounce back stronger.

Photo of man, the author Mark Berrdige, standing looking straight at camera smiling

An Authentic, Tenacious and Insightful Speaker

Keynote Speaking

Mark Berridge can take your audience on a journey they'll remember.


Selecting speakers for a conference?

Want to motivate your executive team?

Needing to drive an entire organisation forward?

Mark will leave your team inspired by the power of resilience, open to discovering the opportunities that come with embracing uncertainty and eager to become strong and resilient players in their lives, both personally and professionally.

An image of xray of a mans spine that has had metal rods inserted

My cycling accident launched me onto a recovery path littered with uncertainty and fear. To begin, I aimed as high as I could imagine but also resolved that I could find peace with any outcome provided I committed to try. I focused on any actions – no matter how small – that would drive me forward.

I regularly felt broken and isolated, but I learnt that embracing help delivered more benefit that discomfort. I nurtured the power of positive feedback.


I share my attitude and influences, to help people find belief and possibility in their impossible moments. And become A Fraction Stronger too.

Let's Start Rebuilding

My Story

At 615am - about half-way through the ride - my bike hit a road defect whilst cornering. The front wheel lost traction and skidded straight ahead, causing me to momentarily lose my balance on the bike.

Keep reading about my accident that changed my life >

My Accident


A photo of a man lying on his side on ground with an ambulance officer staading over him checking his vital signs, The injured man on the ground is dressed in cycling lycra uniform and has wires attached to his chest and a neck brace on

Mentally it was tough. I latched onto windows of hope and dealt with periods of despair. There were waves upon waves of fear triggered by my current circumstances or obstacles ahead (real and imagined).

Keep reading about my rehabilitation >

My Rehabilitation


Photo of man standing holding onto guard rails in a physical therapy rehabilitation ward. The man is wearing a tshirt that says 'I do my own stunts' and shows a stick figure falling off a bike

In June 2020 I wrote a short article “Value Every Step” . This was the first time I shared details of my injury beyond our community and those treating me. The content resonated with readers, who encouraged me to write more articles. Eventually that momentum led to the decision to write a book 'A Fraction Stronger'.

Keep reading >

My Writing


Photo of a man standing on top of a cliff, facing the camera with his back to the ocean, wearing a tshirt with the name of a book ' A Fraction Stronger'

Resilience Coaching 

This led to me discovering my purpose, which is...

I believe that through creating safe spaces and a sense of belonging for people facing adversity I can help people achieve better results in their recovery.

My life changed enormously in an instant in March 2019, even if it took a long time for me to fully appreciate the extent of some of that change. I have learned that by making a small difference to the welfare of others, I make I make a meaningful difference to my own sense of worth and wellbeing.

It is now my intention to make a difference to the lives of others, through helping them navigate complex change and challenges. The main way I am doing this is through my Resilience Coaching course. LAUNCHING IN 2024

Latest Projects

TEDx Brisbane October


234 Kingsway Road


Smith Park Botanical Gardens





Mark writes about:

Embracing Uncertainty, Liberating Possibility, Trauma Survival, Physical Therapy


Mark writes about:

Embracing Uncertainty, Liberating Possibility, Trauma Survival, Physical Therapy

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