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Finding belief and possibility in life's impossible moments

By Mark Berridge

In this book Mark shares the powerful personal journey to recovery following a devastating cycling accident in 2019. Finding resilience within difficulty, Mark has a passion for helping people who are facing change and trauma to become a fraction stronger, following his three key principles: lanterns, angels and demons. 


"Because it is not about how we fall, it is about how we choose to get up. It is not about the inertia and the fear, it is how we choose to move, to tackle our fears and embrace uncertainty."



Remarkable insights of Mark’s determination in his fight to claw back his life following a devastating bicycle accident. His description of regaining his sense of both his physical and mental identity has learnings for all as we deal with life’s setbacks and tragedies. He reveals his inner soul as he battles his demons and unfathomable challenges in taking a step at a time in regaining his life.


Don't just buy one copy of this book, buy a copy for your partner, your family members, your workmates, and anyone who has ever given you a leg-up in life. A Fraction Stronger reminds you that hope is a choice. It will help you find the freedom you need to live without fear, to love with courage, and to triumph in the face of adversity. Above all, it will inspire you to always choose the life you have, and to live it with passion.


 A Fraction Stronger is a beautifully written story about the Mark's journey back from a horrific accident and the power of determination, resilience, perseverance, courage and the help and support we all need when the chips are down.  I defy anyone to read this book and not be a better person for the experience.

"Imagine flying through the air, crunching into the earth and then gasping for breath. Suffering an agonising wait for the ambulance, trying to remain calm. Desperately hoping that the damage is not as severe as it feels. Hearing the words spinal cord injury. Being told you may never walk again. Feeling your identity shatter inside you."

Mark Berridge navigated these impossible moments, after a cycling accident launched him onto a recovery path littered with uncertainty and fear.

Mark shares the influences and attitude that helped him tackle adversity and become a fraction stronger. He speaks about the powerful connection between embracing uncertainty and liberating possibility. His uplifting message is drawn from lived experience, shaped in a way that helps listeners become a fraction stronger too.

Mark Berridge A Fraction Stronger