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  • Mark Berridge

It's how we choose to handle our obstacles that counts - 1 April 2022

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

A Fraction Stronger was featured on page 72, "What's New in Books" in Link ~ Australia's national disability magazine.

A high-powered corporate career came crashing down for Mark Berridge when his bicycle understood through a corner with the impact, wrenching him over the handlebars and catapulting him headfirst into a stormwater drain.

After nine months of rehabilitation, his sustained effort to regain mobility became part of his new identity.

In his book, he shares practical lessons and insights that readers can apply to their own challenges.

This is not a story about a miracle but an everyday person who reframed his demons to sources of motivation and fighting for your dream when it starts to fade.

"We all have obstacles thrown at us, but it's how you choose to handle them, that counts," he said.

Click below to see the pdf:

Link Magazine Apr 2022
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